This weekend, I participated in Jacksonville's second annual 48 Hour Film Festival:
As the name implies, teams have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a short film based on a character, prop, line of dialogue and genre given at the kickoff time. 26 teams participated this year, and all films will be screened this Tuesday and Wednesday.
Prior to kick-off, teams are formed, and several "meet-n-greet" events are planned to help teams find additional members (editors, musicians, actors, etc.). In addition, during check-in, teams continue to develop their plan-of-action and find additional talent.
At 7:00 PM on Friday, team captains draw their genre, and they can then begin to flesh-out a concept for their story, but they cannot begin writing or shootiing until they receive the other components, which are announced to all teams after each has drawn their genre.
I had the privilege to work with Marion Scott of Hi Definition Memories, who selected the Suspense/Thriller genre. After about five hours of shooting Saturday and an additional hour Sunday on Jacksonville's Southside, Marion put together an eerie series of chase scenes, confrontations, and murder.
The movie will be screened Wednesday night 6:30 PM at the Florida Theatre. Tickets are available at the Florida Theatre or Ticketmaster. If you have performed on stage or on camera in Northeast Florida, or have attended a play or locally filmed movie in the last several years, you likely will recognize characters in some of the other films as well. More movies will be screened Tuesday night at 6:30 PM.Scott J. Smith
Welcome to the new! Enjoy your visit. I am glad you have found interest in this site. All of the material, including my bio, resumes (film and theatre) and demo reel, are current as of this writing. Now, I am not an avid "blogger," so please do not expect daily philosophical rants about the random shapes that appear in my breakfast cereal or jaded commentary on the current political hot potato. I may, however, check in from time to time while on set or stage of a recent project, or at an audition, workshop, screening or film festival. Although I have owned this website address for several years, it has always forwarded to or Lately, I have become more and more attuned to the fact that a single web page is no longer sufficient for the image I wish to convey to the world on the Internet as I continue to develop my craft. I did consider expanding my website using the existing Yahoo! (GeoCities) account, but discovered Microsoft Office Live, which has an interface that is much more user-friendly. Of course, I could have hired a web developer to assume the responsibility of maintaining this site, but the thought of working through an intermediary for periodic updates simply does not interest me at this time. I strongly recommend all serious actors get a website and custom domain name (sorry, is already taken). As important as your headshot, resume and demo reel are today, a website is essential to increase your exposure and improve your image to other professionals in the industry. Some hosting services today have online tools that make it easy for actors to manage websites themselves, without the need for being intimately familiar with HTML, Java or CSS code. So, what lies ahead? The sky is the limit. I will keep in touch with you through this blog to let you know about my latest endeavors. I might share with you some personal tid-bits from time to time, but for the most part, I will try to keep these posts in the professional acting vein. Stay tuned!
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