As you may have heard this week, areas throughout North Florida have declared a State of Emergency, because the most recent "polar vortex" has pushed its way this far south, leaving many northerners scratching their heads as to why such drastic measures must be taken for what is seemingly an insignificant amount of accumulation.

Let me see if I can clear the air.

The other day, I was marvelling at the wonders of Google Voice, when I realized that it doesn't do anything more than a program I used over twenty years ago on Windows 3.1. Prometheus Products' MaxFax (features, including calling you with the message). Obtained on a 5.25" "floppy" disk (explain). Before the Internet, programs were obtained through retail stores (which were rare), bulletin board services (explain) or swap meets (similar to today's collector's shows. When I upgraded to Windows 95 (98?), MaxFax no longer worked (we were now in 32-bit land, and 16-bit applications no longer worked. MessageASAP, including texting messages to you, or uploaded to an Internet console, or migrated to Microsoft Outlook. Then OfficeDomain, where your unanswered calls could be forwarded to another number, and used the online interface...very similar to today's Google Voice. Of course, prior to the Internet, and during the early adoption years, software products had little ability to "go viral" like they do today, and these applications...obviously ahead of their time...died a slow death, due to lack of funds. Which brings me to another program that was ahead of its time: Scorched Earth. Another Windows 3.1 application, highly addictive, with tanks that tested one's skill at trajectories. You might know it today as "Angry Birds."
No, the Smith Clan hasn't left Jacksonville (yet), although we are receptive to employment opportunities outside Northeast Florida...even the Southeast United States. In this case, I am referring to updating the website, which may require a move to another hosting provider. For the past six years, has been hosted FOR FREE by Microsoft Office Live Small Business, a "general use" Sharepoint server with online web page editing. The supporting business applications included with the online account that are seamlessly integrated into the website are fantastic, and I enjoyed lauding the benefits of "OLSB" to friends and associates over the past several years.
The one feature I particularly appreciated from the service was how it displayed your blog's feed directly onto a web page. I need to explain a little technical mumbo-jumbo here: for search engine optimization, a high-fallutin' term for generating more traffic to your website, content displayed on each page of your website helps your ranking in search engine results. Now, there are a variety of methods of integrating your blog on your website, but linking to an external blog site like Blogger or WordPress, or displaying the feed through something called an "iframe" might make it look like the content is on your website, but does not help your search engine ranking.

When my wife and I were married in April 2005, we were asked the question common to newlyweds, "So...what exotic destination are you headed for your honeymoon?" We unabashedly announced, Ohio! You see, Layla and I are HUGE roller-coaster fans, and with the dearth of high-ranking thrill rides in the Sunshine State despite having numerous theme parks, we planned a two-week excursion to ride as many top roller-coasters as we could, starting with Kennywood in Pittsburgh, interspersed with trips to local vineyards and wineries. Once we discovered "twilight fares" (something unique to the Northeast and Midwest: arrive late in the afternoon, and admission price is reduced by as much as fifty percent!), we condensed our attraction-hopping to wine tastings in the morning, followed by thrill rides in the afternoon (which seemed much wilder for some reason)!

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