I'm not really one to take "selfies."  Any more, at least.  While digging through some old film photographs, I came across a few self-portraits, but since the arrival of the digital era, I haven't engaged in that practice very much.  So rather than taking a spontaneous picture in any one of the cliché poses, I decided to share the frame with several characters I have come to know over the past year or so.

I've played the "authority figure."  You know, the manager type, the attorney, the politician.  Not necessarily on the up-and-up.  He's the leader that the rest of the team rally behind, as well as "the bad example" that is made an example before everything is over.

Then there is the redneck.  The hillbilly.  The woodsman, camper, frontiersman.  Sometimes the "heavy" or a henchman, he can also be the happy-go-lucky, blue-collar country boy.  He's a no-nonsense, get things done type of guy.  Rather direct, and sometimes surly.

There's also the punk.  The deadbeat.  This guy gets arrested.  A lot.  Whether due to schemes of his own making, or just in the wrong place at the wrong time, this guy has no respect for authority, and tends to assert his own objectives, regardless of the situation.  Not all bad, he will cooperate with others when it suits him, whether for personal gain, or just to carry out some mischief.

And, of course, the guy-next-door, father, buddy is always nearby, ready to offer a helping hand.  He'll give you the shirt off his back, often with a dose of good humor, as well.  He's reliable, dependable and resourceful...the eternal Boy Scout.  When he wants something, however, he will leverage his charm and unassuming qualities to manipulate others.

If you've seen me on stage or screen, chances are it was one of these guys.  I keep joking that I will make a video demo reel of all the scenes where my character gets his "just desserts."  That should be a fun extension of this article.  For now, enjoy these family portraits.





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