Up and coming actress Natalie D’Angelo (Janine Anzalone- “Deep Seeded” ) leaves the riches of her high powered New York City lawyer father, Richard D’Angelo (Kent Lindsey- “G.I. Jane , Passenger 57” ) to find her way to Hollywood through Jacksonville Florida.

After not having much success as an actress in NYC, Natalie hears about the film industry starting to take root again in the place once called “Hollywood East,” Jacksonville, FL. So she moves south and back in with her old college roommate and fellow actor friend, Kansas Bryan (Joanna C. Horton).

Natalie is ready for a shot of being cast in a Hollywood blockbuster movie being filmed in Jacksonville and directed by the hottest director in Hollywood, Stephen Day (Kevin Porter- “Dodgeball”). Casting Director Amy Rollins (Cindy Hogan – of the soon to be released first installment of the trilogy "Beautiful Creatures," Army Wives, Breakout Kings, Drop Dead Diva”) inadvertently puts Natalie in a compromising situation with the powerful and devious Stephen Day.

As if Natalie didn’t have enough to deal with concerning a manipulative director, she soon learns that her so called best friend, Kansas, has used her for her own personal gain for the spotlight and ticket to Hollywood.

Staying true to her path, Natalie has to overcome her overzealous boyfriend, Gregory Chase (Jesse Malinowski- “American Reunion”) who’s working secretly for her father to bring her back to the family in New York City, and her feelings for a new love interest Tyler Hurley (Mack Dalton). As the plot unfolds, Natalie finds herself exposing much more than she bargained for in hopes of gaining her big break.

Watch the show (http://www.exposurewebseries.com) to see how Natalie fights to make it in a business where “Everybody’s Watching”.



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