I find myself fortunate that, after a few auditions, I received an offer to narrate a travel guide through ACX.com, Amazon's portal for connecting voiceover performers with eBook authors.  While I have been a member of ACX for some time, it hasn't been until recently that I have focused on it for regular work opportunities.  In the interim, I have developed my abilities, become more attuned to various aspects of the industry and the markets where I could succeed.  This "waiting period" might be just what I needed to be a preferred narrator / producer for Amazon / Audible rights holders.  Time will tell.


An established author in the science-fiction / fantasy genre contacted me after listening to my "Character" voiceover sample on ACX.com, Amazon's audiobook production portal.  The audition was a fun read; the book starts with a thrilling series of events, which catapults the reader/listener into the aftermath of a widespread attack.  For the audition, the author had requested a "rough/edgy" read, which is appropriate for this subject matter.

Hypnotist Scott Broughton requested my help to open his new "Sleight of Mind" show.  He had a very specific tone he was looking for to set the mood during the introduction.  From the below testimonial, I believe I provided what he was looking for.  Thanks, Scott, for the opportunity.

"Oh my lord, I got chills! LOL Thank you so much!!!" ~ Scott Broughton, Sleight of Mind

One Saturday morning, I found myself skimming my Facebook timeline, when my gaze focused on a post from a friend I hadn't seen in years.  The last I heard, he was in Oklahoma working on set and lighting design for a web series based on a popular science fiction franchise.  The man well-deserves it.  I have seen various props and set pieces he has fashioned by hand, and he is truly an artist.

Well, his post mentioned that a script he wrote, a pilot for a web series, had been greenlit for production, the show was cast, and a facility with specialized sets and equipment had confirmed the shooting schedule.  He was ecstatic, I was absolutely thrilled for him, and I left a comment under his post saying as much.

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