Internationally acclaimed voice and performance coach Steven Memel brought his Science of Switching On program, originally designed to hone a singer's or actor's abilities to peak performance, to the Novice to Advanced Marketing System Workshop, or NAMS for short.  While NAMS was a weekend-long series of 90-minute seminars, The Science of Switching On program was an all-day interactive intensive training, demonstrating key elements of performance for stage, audio and video presentations.

I shot the event with two cameras, collected audio from two separate sources, and then assembled footage from this event into a series of promotional videos for use in his marketing efforts. 

"Hey Scott! Thank you so much for sending this!! You did an awesome job! I thought you really nailed a lot of the truth and essence of what it is I do. You have a great eye!"

~ Steven Memel, The Science of Switching On



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