An established author in the science-fiction / fantasy genre contacted me after listening to my "Character" voiceover sample on, Amazon's audiobook production portal.  The audition was a fun read; the book starts with a thrilling series of events, which catapults the reader/listener into the aftermath of a widespread attack.  For the audition, the author had requested a "rough/edgy" read, which is appropriate for this subject matter.

I conjured an embattled, dedicated military type and read the prologue from his perspective.  I also offered a second read with a different tonality, which was still engaging, but was differentiated from the various aggressive characters in the story, which gave the read some interesting levels.  Shortly after the audition, I was offered the opportunity to narrate his book.  We decided the best delivery was a hybrid, somewhere between the two I offered.  Production is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2014. 



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