While I was doing some research regarding web series (now that we have popular and effective crowd-funding resources out there, many more offerings are available), I came across one that was holding auditions.  Often, these series are not local, and usually have budgets that don't accommodate talent outside the immediate locale.

However, this one is an audio-only series.  Think of it as a web-based "radio drama," complete with music and effects.  Since I have provided voiceover narration for other productions from my home studio, I looked into their needs.  I was intrigued to learn their audition piece was a passage from William Shakespeare's "King Lear," my favorite role, by the way (I'm just waiting to gain enough maturity and experience to perform that role properly).  Here, I had an opportunity to perform that role for the producers of this program, which also has other Shakespearean ties.

At that time, the audition was a "general call" for voices to be included in their database for future casting.  They were working on a script, and were launching a crowd-funding campaign of their own, as a matter-of-fact, to acquire celebrity talent for a couple lead roles and a more robust audio processing facility than they typically use for an upcoming special episode.  I learned about this episode from an email sent to their entire production team.  Seeing as I received this email, it was safe to assume I at least made the first cut.

In that email, I was advised that roles have not been assigned, and certain roles would require auditions from both existing cast members and new voices.  In other words, even though some talent has worked on previous episodes, they were not guaranteed a role in the upcoming project, but likely would be given preference as they were a known quantity and already part of this close-knit family.  Being very new to this group, I realized I had to be patient.  My time would come, when the time was right.

Recently, I received a follow-up email, regarding auditions for the following episode.  The name of the character they asked me to read was familiar, and as I read the script, I recognized it was because he's influenced by another notable character with a similar name.  This particular individual had a very unique disposition, in the way he carried himself on screen, the way he dressed, and his rather original vocal intonation.  There was plenty to work with, and I could see by the writing, the producers wanted to see a "residue" of the prior character in their story.

I had so much fun recording the audition, I wanted to do more variations, but the turnaround time for all submissions was very tight.  I processed my best two versions and forwarded them for consideration.  The very next morning, I was informed I was selected for that role!  Again, the turnaround time is very short, indeed, as post-processing, even for an audio-only program such as this, can take months.  Thankfully, I get to experiment even more with this character.  Who knows?...maybe he'll show up again (again)!



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