"Hey Scott, I just approved the audiobook. :) Thanks again for the awesome job you did on the book."

~ Eric S. Brown, author
"Bigfoot War: After the Fall"

"I heard great feedback on Monday night's shoot at SeaWorld. My team was very happy with your work. Thank you! Once we have final video's edited, I will be sure to send you links to all four shot Monday night. I hope that the evening - albeit late into the wee hours - was a great experience for you also. Just wanted to relay the positive feedback and again, thank you!"

SeaWorld - "Will It Freeze?"

"Oh my lord, I got chills! LOL Thank you so much!!!"
~ Scott Broughton, Sleight of Mind

Project:  Voiceover: "Sleight of Mind" Introduction

After uploading a "self"-taped audition I recorded, Scott Broughton shared, "This is the first time I've ever had an agent compliment a video audition submission, so thanks for the help!"

"Hey Scott! Thank you so much for sending this!! You did an awesome job! I thought you really nailed a lot of the truth and essence of what it is I do. You have a great eye!"
~ Steven Memel, The Science of Switching On

Project: "The Science of Switching On"

"Went to see the fabulously funny Mad Cowford Improv group last night! Had an awesome time! Matt Flagler & Scott J. Smith...you guys rocked!"
~ Shelly Higgins Hughes

Mad Cowford (Ongoing)

"Everyone did a great job, so please relay our thanks again.  I know a couple shoots were challenging with constant script changes, but everyone just rolled with the changes.  Most importantly, all of OUR clients were very pleased."
- Jason, Evolution Media

Michigan Bridge PSA

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